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Chantal Benedict is a Licensed Spiritual Practitioner who utilizes a variety of techniques that enable her to remove the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical barriers to individual success and fulfillment.

As both a spiritual healer and financial expert, Chantal has a unique perspective and deep insight into both the mystical and practical sides of life. This is just one of the reasons her clients experience such noticeable positive changes in their lives.

Chantal Benedict has been a licensed spiritual practitioner since 2000 at Agape International Center of Truth led by Reverend Michael Beckwith (from THE SECRET). She was a licensed massage therapist for 10 years at a popular studio in Malibu. She is also a Matrix Energetics 1, 2 & 3-level trained practitioner of Quantum Healing, and a Certified Theta Healer.

Client Testimonials About Chantal

Chantal has changed my life. She has an innate sense of exactly what a person needs to heal in order to become the person that they are meant to be. Her belief in me, has allowed me to believe in myself. As a result of working with her I feel more inner strength, joy, courage, and self-love. I am more grateful then words can say to have her in my life.”   
Meghan Mulqueen

"Chantal is an amazing goddess with a powerful spirit and a loving expression. She has helped to ease some pain I was experiencing in my body and her insights and conversation is enlightening, inspiring and as healing as her physical body work. I feel truly blessed to have her in my life. I have recommended her to 4 people and that's just in the first week of knowing her!"
Mara Brown - Best-Selling Author, Life Coach, TV & Radio Host


It is very difficult for me to describe the many talents of Chantal. For me, most importantly, she has helped me to get my head on straight; that is, to really understand who I am so I can stand-up for myself and battle cancer successfully in a way which corresponds to my true personality and belief systems.

This has been an extraordinary experience because of Chantal's contribution.

Robert Traynor


Chantal has been blessed with an incredible gift of healing.
In one session with her, she accomplished what multiple chiropractic sessions could not.
Her method is gentle and pain free, unlike the harsh twisting and cracking involved with chiropractic treatments.
Amazingly she has straightened my spine, adjusted the rotated disk in my neck and aligned the ribs in my chest area that were, at one time overlapping!
My body has stayed in alignment for almost two months now.
The entire experience is relaxing and comfortable.
I feel so fortunate to have come across such a special and gifted individual.
I will continue to refer my family and friends to her.
We have all had incredible results as a result of Chantal's sessions.

Keli (Singer/ Songwriter, Los Angeles, CA)


I have been to several healers and chiropractor, who did excellent work, but I have never experienced anything quite like the healing she performs. She radiates an amazing amount of heat and healing energy from her hands. When she simply placed her hands on my back, I could feel the tension in my muscles melting like butter beneath her healing touch. This effect was so profound that I could actually feel vertebraç—´ in my spine which were out of alignment gently moving back into place with no manipulation on her part other than the gentle resting of her hands upon different areas of my back. My posture, balance, and gait are vastly improved. Chantal, is truly a gifted healer, who literally radiates a loving, healing light around her like a beacon in the night. I consider it a rare privilege to simply bask in the radiance of her persona which catapults my soul to an exalted state of ecstasy. I can not recommend her strongly enough.


C.H. Reynold


· Crystal Light Bed Healing · Budget Analysis and Repatterning
· Intuitive Reading · Debt Negotiation and Consolidation
· Personal Transformation Coaching · Home Loan Purchases and Refinancing
· Quantum Spinal/Skeletal Alignment · Private Financial Coaching
· Theta Healing · Teaching Financial Fitness Workshops
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Upcoming Events

:30 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.:

QUANTUM SKELETAL ALIGNMENT INTRO EVENING with Chantal. Experience the laws of quantum physics and subtle energy to literally change bone structure. Call


to get the address and to reserve your seat. Space is limited and event will fill up fast. Fee: Love Donation.


Chantal's March 2nd appearance on the Unity Online Radio show "The Inside Out" hosted by David Matthew Brown can be heard at

(Scroll down, if necessary, to find the March 02 episode titled "Special Guest: Energy Healer Chantal".)




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